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A.G Cloud Communications

From our base in Dublin and Kildare offices, A.G Cloud Communications offers businesses nationwide the very best in VOIP solutions.

By combining the expertise and efficiency of our installation team, with our relationship with some of Europe’s largest wholesale suppliers of VOIP solutions, we can offer clients extremely competitive prices on all our systems.

Our innovative cloud and Telephony systems offer near unparalleled sound quality, fault tolerance, reliability, full scalability, security and fraud protection at an extremely competitive market rate.

AG Cloud Communications

SIP Trunking

Our SIP Trunking solutions offer business clients a unified communications system that offers total scalability, increased flexibility, unparalleled stability and availability, whilst allowing a business to make significant savings on their communication costs.

AG Cloud Communications

Cloud PBX

When compared to a traditional PBX, hosted PBX’s offer enhanced features including innovative call routing features, interactive voice response, fully customisable call-waiting music, emergency redirects and a host of other contemporary features.

AG Cloud Communications

On-Site IP Phone System

A.G Cloud Communications offers our clients a full range of Panasonic IP phone systems. Panasonic remains the market leader for on-site business phone systems. We offer a full suite of phone systems for business all over Dublin and Kildare offices.

AG Cloud Communications


A.G Cloud Communications continues to support legacy systems including a range of older Panasonic models. We can maintain these systems along with offering optional upgrades for businesses eager to explore more modern communication solutions.

AG Cloud Communications

VOIP Handsets

Our contemporary VOIP handsets can include a range of app-based virtual handsets along with a range of modern IP phones. Our extensive range means we have the right VOIP handset solution for the needs of any business.


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To discuss our competitive pricing models with one of our experts, get in contact with A.G Cloud Communications today.

To discuss our competitive costing structure with one of our experts, get in contact with A.G Cloud Communications today

A.G Cloud Communications Telephone Systems

Hosted Telephone Solutions

Our hosted telephone systems are fully compatible with laptops, desktops and mobile phone systems, allowing our business clients to unite their workforce like never before.

Panasonic Phone Systems

Panasonic remains the market leader in IP phone systems. Their extensive and cost-effective handsets are ideal for businesses in any industry


VOIP Telephone Systems

VOIP telephone systems offer a much lower cost per-call. The innovative design and backwards compatibility of VOIP systems, lead to easy installation and easy stability.


Small Office Telephony Solutions


The VOIP systems we offer can be fully customised to the needs of small to medium sized businesses. Our fully integrated unified systems offer a company workforce a reliable and robust communications platform.


Save up to 50% of your Phone Bill


Businesses of all sizes should expect to see upwards of a 50% saving on their phone bills.